Powertrain Testing with a Pick-up Truck


James from Propwashed summarized well the reason why Tyto Robotics was founded:

I’ve long been frustrated by the lack of publicly available information on how miniquad propellers perform.

James is working on high speed propeller testing (50 mph+). Wind tunnels that can achieve such speeds have historically been more difficult to build (not anymore), he flipped the problem around by moving the propeller instead of the air. The tests using his RCbenchmark test stand were performed on the El Mirage dried lake in California and were quite extensive with 15 propellers tested. He got some amazing pictures (see below)!

series 1580 on pickup truck in desert

Image (c) Propwashed, all rights reserved.


While our test stands can be used for personal data collection, some users go one step further and create databases for all to use! This is what the muteFPV channel is working on right now.

We especially like the addition of a camera and the custom scripts they used.





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