Series 1780 Used in Northeastern University Capstone Project

Northeastern University with Series 1780
Northeastern University Students Set Up the Series 1780 Test Stand

The Mechanical Engineering department of the Boston based university uses the RCbenchmark Series 1780 for their Capstone project. They have been testing different motor and propeller combinations to find out the best match for their requirements. Here is a comment from one of the team members:

“We had used their smaller Series 1520 thrust stand for racing drones in the past and the larger stand did not disappoint! We used the Series 1780 to test multiple motor and propeller combinations to find the power and efficiency that we need.

Thanks to RCBenchmark, we found that the TMotor P80III 100kv and MF3016 were the right choice for our project!”

John Buczek
Undergraduate Research Assistant at Northeastern University
Northeastern University Logo

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