UBIQ Aerospace Uses Series 1780 for Propeller Icing Tests

D•ICEFigure 1: UBIQ Aerospace's In-Flight Icing Prevention Cycle

UBIQ Aerospace is a deep tech company developing solutions that help unleash the full potential of unmanned aircraft. 

While UAVs have huge future potential, there are some risk factors that can severely limit their use. One of the risks is in-flight icing, also called atmospheric icing. UBIQ Aerospace is the exclusive provider of the groundbreaking D•ICE technology, an autonomous ice protection system for unmanned aircraft. The D•ICE technology encompasses a range of products, from hardware and software to services and support, related to all aspects of fighting atmospheric in-flight icing.

The D•ICE technology was originally developed by world leading research scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, NASA, and the US Airforce. The first prototype of D•ICE flew in 2015 on Elmendorf Airforce Base in Anchorage, Alaska. This was the first flight of any ice protection solution for unmanned aircraft in the world. UBIQ Aerospace, founded in November 2017, continues to develop and test the solution.

UBIQ Aerospace is using RCbenchmark Series 1780 for developing the next generation of a UAV propeller ice protection system.

“We are mainly using the tool in icing wind tunnel experiments. We are interested in how ice is building on propellers for fixed-wing UAVs, how the ice disturbs the aerodynamics, and how we can efficiently mitigate the icing. We thank the RCbenchmark team for all their support and warmly recommend their products"

 Kasper Trolle Borup

Co-founder and CTO of UBIQ Aerospace.

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