WaveAerospace is Building Drones for Extreme Weather

series 1780 for search and rescue drone testing

"WaveAerospace builds the aircraft that carry our customer’s critical payloads. What differentiates our aircraft from all other small unmanned aerial systems (“sUAS”) is that our aircraft can fly 24/7/365 in almost any weather conditions. In other words, “We fly during the storm when we are needed most—not after.” 

We deliver a critical organ for transplant; we find a lost child at night; we mark the location of a sinking ship faster than a full-size Seahawk helicopter can. And we do it 24/7/365 before the storm subsides.

Most sUAS are unable to reliably fly in winds greater than 30 knots. These limitations are inherent, to various degrees, in all rotorcraft and winged VTOL designs. Critical limits like retreating-blade stall and high-speed instability are physical limitations of their design.

The most important feature of our aircraft is that they are not simply “hardened” multi-rotor aircraft. WaveAerospace aircraft belong to a new, proven, and flight-tested aircraft category, not bound by the inherent stability and control limitations of existing multi-rotor and winged VTOL aircraft.

Tyto plays a critical role in our flight testing program, allowing us to both quantify aircraft behavior and performance under the extreme conditions in which we fly.”

Mark E. Strauss
CEO, WaveAerospace
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Norm Adams

September 16, 2021

Good luck.

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