Flight Stand Software Changelog and Previous Releases

2022-11-11 - v1.7.6

  • French translation available
  • Supports the upcoming FS150
  • Supports the new Flight Stand API
  • Bug fixes

2022-10-08 - v1.7.2

  • Loading and exporting recorded tests is much faster.
  • User data is not erased with future software updates
  • Data preview and CSV export now uses relative timestamps instead of absolute timestamps.
  • Bug fixes and safety improvements

2022-09-27 - v1.7.0

  • Major rework of the automatic control feature
  • Continuous recording button is more visible
  • Fixed simulated board safety limits
  • CSV exports weird characters in the header when opening in external software (due to UTF8 flag missing)
  • File paths for recorded tests now visible in debug mode. Allows users to go to that folder, zip the content, and send it to a colleague.
  • When clicking on the hardware or on a powertrain on the left panel, the correct tab is now selected.
  • Prevent users from adding the same mapping twice.
  • Some visual improvements, added some icons, better spacing, etc...

2022-08-23 - v1.6.3

  • Fixes issues with inacurrate powertrain measurements
  • Fixed timeout errors while tests are loaded
  • Tweaked a lot of front-end to look better
  • Tests are easier to view
  • Fixed several bugs causing a crash
  • More test data shown in less space
  • Now the LPF slider is smaller and only shows when user selects "continuous data"
  • Added file paths in debug mode, so we can migrate tests data and config files if needed
  • Flight Stand now remembers output and sensor settings
  • Safety limits reworked to fix bugs. They can now be set and disabled individually.
  • Front-end restructuring to better support coaxial and better support single-display users

 2022-06-28 - v1.5.7

  • Automatic control feature available in Beta

Changelog for older versions not available.